Traditional measuring vs. Scan to CAD/BIM

As licensed architects, we have extensive experience compiling architectural as-built drawings.  We have shown here our experience in creating drawings in the traditional method vs. the method of laser scanning to CAD/BIM.  You can see the massive amounts of resources that are spent in the traditional way.

Traditional Measuring

Traditional Measuring

Laser Scanning in the field


Company Investment

Site Visits Necessary

Measuring Time

Drawing Time

Accuracy of Drawings

Weeks to complete As-Builts




Tape Measure to CAD***


10 - 30 hours (x2 employees)

40-80 hours

Many human inaccuracies*

2-4 weeks

50-100 hours

$5,000 - $20,000

CAD drawings or BIM model

Scan to CAD/BIM




Perfectly accurate**

1-2 weeks

1-2 hours

$3,500 - $7,000****

CAD drawings or BIM model


*Human inaccuracies always cost time and money, especially when those errors aren't realized until later in the design process.  

**Scan to CAD/BIM can be drawn exactly as it is in the field, but can be modeled orthogonal if walls are not plumb to make drawing easier.

***This example is taken from our experience of an average of numerous as-builts completed on existing buildings ranging from 1 story 10,000 sf buildings to 3 story 50,000 sf buildings.

****Cost depends on size, scope and detail of building(s).  Please contact us for more accurate estimates of pricing.