Our History

Clarity Scanning is comprised of a team that has been in the field for over a decade.  We have served clients all over the country, from California to South Carolina.  Our knowledge and experience in laser scanning and architecture gives us a unique ability to serve our clients needs and solve their problems successfully.  Most laser scanning service companies are either very familiar with the technology or very familiar with the thing being scanned (buildings, roads, land, crime scenes, etc).  Because we have the unique advantage of being experts on both ends, we can provide a superior product that is tailored exactly to your needs.

Core Personnel

Thad Wester, President

Thad is passionate about bringing laser scanning solutions to firms in the South East . Thad has laser scanned projects across the United States and is a recognized laser scanning expert, and a contributor to several industry publications.  Thad has a B.S. and M.A. in Geography from East Carolina University.


R. Sims Key, Jr., Vice-President

Sims is a licensed architect based in Greenville, SC.  He has almost a decade of experience in his field and has a definitive understanding of the deficiencies for creating as-built drawings.  Drawing on this understanding, Sims can provide architectural and engineering firms guidance on the most efficient and accurate way to produce drawings of existing buildings.  His thorough knowledge of CAD and REVIT enable him to marry the client's needs with the technological possibilities of laser scanning.  Sims has a B.A in Design from Furman University and a Master of Architecture from Clemson University.