Engineers, Surveyors and Architects in South Carolina

Existing Buildings

We provide Architects, Engineers, Developers and Property Owners the documentation that they need to facilitate the development of their projects.  Having plenty of architectural experience helps us know how to provide drawings and models that are completely accurate and most relevant to each situation.  We provide a service that gives our clients more productivity & accuracy, while decreasing costs.  See here for comparison of traditional measuring vs. scan to CAD/BIM.

Examples: Savannah Power PlantWaters Building, etc.


We use proven methodologies to map topography at ultra high resolutions.  Where topography is typically displayed at low resolutions, our high resolution data facilitates intuitive descriptions of the landscape, and its change over time.


Examples: Bald Head Island, etc.


Laser scanning is the most complete and accurate way to document scenes for forensic anlaysis and visualization.  Scanning of incident scenes is so detailed that investigators can use the scan information to view locations, perspectives or items not considered important at the time of documentation.

Laser Scanning Firms outside of South Carolina

Contract Support Service

Do you have a scanner but are limited in your capacity to process deliverables?  Could you use an extra field scanning technician on an upcoming project?  

We provide contract scanning, processing, modeling and drafting.  We work as a member of your team, on your company's behalf.  Let our expertise and staff support your operation.